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Utah's Community Builder Since 1945!

Our Purpose

Hogan prioritizes serving our clients, strengthening communities, and having a culture of caring. Hear how we do this from Hogan's president, Cris Hogan.

The Hogan Difference

Community Builder

As Utah's community builder since 1945, Hogan takes pride in constructing the facilities that help communities flourish, from municipal and educational spaces to recreational and healthcare facilities.

Safety First

 Hogan prioritizes the safety of our employees. Because of this commitment, our EMOD score is 0.60, which is significantly better than the national average of 1.0!

Legacy Projects

Each project Hogan builds becomes a "Forever Project," meaning "we're here to help well past the warranty period." Supporting our clients is essential for Hogan to build communities successfully.

Self-Performed Work

Hogan's ability to self-perform work allows us to supplement subcontractors or fulfill a portion of work helping owners keep their projects within budget and on schedule.

Building communities since 1945!

Hogan's History

After Eric Hogan's service in World War II, he began building homes for returning service people. Soon after, it was schools for their families. In 1988, we pioneered the Construction Manager | General Contractor method in Utah and spread it to other Intermountain West states. Decades of satisfied customers later, Hogan is one of Utah's largest commercial contractors!


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Organizations Hogan Supports

Strengthening Communities by Giving Back

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