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Safety First

Our safety mission statement is clear: Hogan & Associates Construction values human life over profit. We invest time, money, and other resources to support that value, and we expect our employees and subcontractors to think and work similarly.



Our employees are our greatest asset. At Hogan, you can count on working with professionals who will treat you with respect and are committed to your success.



Hogan was founded to strengthen communities and is dedicated to helping our employees develop their skills.

Perks & Benefits

Features of Hogan's benefit package

Hogan offers three different medical plans:

  • Standard Plan – For those who choose to participate in Hogan’s wellness program, Hogan will pay 100% of the medical premiums for the employee and family.
  • Buy-Up Plan – Better coverage than the Standard Plan but the premium is paid for by the employee at a very low cost.
  • High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) & Health Savings Account (HSA) – Employees may fund their HSA with pre-tax dollars.  In addition, each year Hogan makes a contribution to the employee’s HSA. 

Our employees are paid on a weekly basis.

Employees are full vested upon hire.  If the employee defers 5% of his/her income, Hogan will match 4%.”

Hogan pays for $10,000 of life insurance and $10,000 of AD&D.  In addition, there is additional coverage for a seatbelt and airbag benefit.  

This benefit is confidential and voluntary counseling provided as a benefit free of charge to the employee and their dependents. If additional counseling/therapy is needed, in addition to the EAP, Hogan offers its employees a mental health benefit through Aetna Health Plans.  

In Hogan’s company store, employees can get free PPE.  In addition, employees can purchase tools and SWAG at a minimal cost.  We pass on to our employees the discounts that we get from our suppliers.

All employees receive Paid Time Off (PTO). The amount and when it starts varies by position, hire date, and time with Hogan. At their 20-year anniversary with Hogan, paid vacation for all positions increases by one extra week. (This one-week bump continues while they are employed at Hogan, though further anniversaries do not add additional vacation.)

Premium is paid for the employee, coverage for dependents made available at low cost. 

New employees get $250 at their 30-day mark.

At 60-days, they get another $250.

At 90-days, new hires get an additional $500.  That’s $1,000 in total.  

In addition, If a Hogan employee refers a qualified employment candidate and he or she is hired, the referring employee will receive $100 within two weeks of the referral signing on with Hogan.

The referring employee will also receive an additional $700 when the new-hire hits his or her 90-day employment mark.

Promoting from within is a common practice at Hogan. The majority of our Project Foreman and Project Superintendents were promoted to their current positions. We encourage our field employees who want to advance their career to talk to their Superintendent and learn from him or her as their mentor.

At 90 days of employment, Hogan employees can participate in the apprenticeship program sponsored by the AGC of Utah, the Department of Labor, and the Bureau of Apprenticeship & Training.  Hogan pays half the cost of the books, on-the-job training and tuition.

Hogan has a unique approach when it comes to the safety of its employees, including:

  • Safety incentives – Our employees are paid for time spent taking on-line safety courses as well as reading our safety handbook.  Then, if they do the courses and the readings on time, they are given further financial rewards.  For some classes of employees, the financial reward each year could be upwards of $1,500 per year.
  • Hogan University & safety training - Hogan employees can complete their safety courses online in Hogan University.  Some of the online courses require “hands-on” training such as Steel Erection, Working from Heights and Powered Industrial Trucks.
  • Training tower – Hogan built a training tower at their corporate headquarters.  This is where Hogan’s trainer does the steel erection and the working from heights safety trainings.   
  • Safety documentation - Hogan’s Superintendents and Project Foreman are required to do their Daily Production & Safety meetings each morning, their daily logs, weekly site inspections and weekly subcontractor safety meetings.  In addition, Hogan’s Safety Team visits projects weekly to ensure compliance with OSHA regulations and to do weekly site inspections.    
  • Pre-construction safety meeting - Before the start of each job, the Project Superintendent along with Hogan’s Safety Team meet to evaluate the job requirements and identify any special safety issues the job may entail.  

We recognize our primary asset is our people and value them accordingly. Hogan has an “Employee Recognition” program, recognizing employees for their tenure at Hogan.  We say “thanks” by giving our employees cash starting at one year of employment and then every 5 years thereafter.  The longer someone has been with Hogan, the more cash they get. Also included is a fancy plaque.

Hogan values education, so much so that we will pay for half of the tuition for approved courses of study, including Construction Management and similar programs.

To qualify, Hogan employees must do the following:

  • Pay for his or her tuition upfront. At the end of the semester, the employee must submit for reimbursement. Hogan will then reimburse the employee for half of the paid tuition (Hogan will not reimburse for books, lab fees, test fees, or other expenses such as housing or parking.)
  • Receive a B- or better for a course to be reimbursed
  • Work full-time for Hogan, averaging at least 30 hours or more each week to qualify, but the student does not need to attend school full-time

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