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Ensure Quality Results By Choosing a Good Team

If you want amazing results and craftsmanship, then you need to pay close attention to the caliber of contractors you decide to hire. Mediocre builders and inexperienced contractors aren’t able to deliver the quality of services and results you deserve and expect. They may try to lure you in with low prices and a good sales pitch, however, at the end of the day, the proof will speak for itself. Regardless of what you are looking to achieve, you should always ask yourself if you are willing to gamble with your time, money and project’s success.

Mediocrity Is No Good

 Many people are able to talk a good game and make promises about construction projects and services that they really have no knowledge of or experience with. The appearance, integrity, value and longevity of your property are important and they should always be in the forefront of your mind. Once you’ve hired a construction company that you feel you can trust, you shouldn’t have any fears and worries about what is to come, only feelings of excitement and expectation.

You Get What You Hire

Building any type of building is an art that requires a lot of skill, expertise, patience and vision. It also requires the use of the latest tools and technology in the industry. Once you’ve hired a credible construction company that you feel comfortable with, you’ll find that the skills, expertise, tools and results are a given standard. You want award-winning, stunning and exceptional services and results that will stand as a testament to your good judgment and the construction company’s reputation. You also want a building that will stand tall for years. No matter what kind of construction work you are interested in having done, be smart about who you hire.

The right team of professionals will plan everything out efficiently so that you get the most value and best results. Contact the experts at Hogan Construction today to discuss your building project needs.

Major Construction Projects Require Expertise and Commitment

If you are involved with the planning of a school, medical facility or other large structure, one of first considerations is who will build it. What you need is a licensed contracting firm that can provide self performing services in the on time, on budget construction of large, complex building projects.

Seven Decades of Experience

A self performing general contractor like Hogan & Associates Construction uses its own crews to complete certain aspects of a project, such as excavation, the concrete pour, steel erection or carpentry. In that the company has been doing business in Utah and the Intermountain West since 1945, its employees have encountered and resolved just about every issue imaginable in the building of very large structures.

Myriad Projects

The excitement of creating a new and useful building is what high profile construction work is all about. You can rely on a company that has restored and repurposed historic buildings, or completed resort or condominium projects under difficult conditions, including tight budgets and tighter deadlines. As to the building of schools, your experienced firm has constructed education facilities up to 368,000 square feet in Utah, Wyoming and Oregon.

A Commitment to Safety

Large construction projects require coordination between teams of workers and their equipment, including cranes, earth movers and various other types of vehicles and machinery. Safety is always top of mind. When you choose an experienced construction company, you’ll want to inquire after their safety record; in particular, their “experience modifier” or EMOD record, which is based on annual loss experiences. A score of 1.0 is normal, and the lower your score, the better your safety record. Hogan & Associates Construction owns an impressive EMOD of .59.

Understanding Price Points

A construction management and general contracting firm that provides a full range of services is well aware of what projects cost, and takes steps to save you money while retaining high quality in the finished product. These steps include:

  • Detailed planning and good preparation
  • Comprehensive pre construction planning
  • Focused management
  • Excellent delivery services

Whether you need an aquatic center or a warehouse complex built, high quality construction strikes the proper balance between cost, function, logistics and sustainability. Since its founding, Hogan & Associates Construction has operated on a few simple fundamentals: honesty, integrity and hard work.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Construction Management Company

When your latest construction project is ready to move from the “drawing board” to the real world, there is a lot that has to be done. Many firms might tell you that they can provide construction management services, but not every firm has the right knowledge and skills to ensure that every detail of the project is covered, the contractors and subcontractors are interpreting the plans the right way, and it’s completed on time and on budget. Before hiring just any construction management company, ask these questions.

What kind of experience do you have with these types of projects?

Every commercial structure is different, and just because you have consulted on one project doesn’t mean you can do any commercial building. Before you hire, check the management company’s portfolio to make sure they have worked on projects similar in size and scope to the one you are planning and have the necessary qualifications to make yours a success.

Who will be working on our construction project?

If your construction manager is bringing in a “team” of people to your initial meetings who are not the actual people that will be working on the project, this might be a red flag. Management companies should be proud to introduce the team that you will be in direct contact with, showcasing their expertise and experience. What you don’t want is to meet a team of seemingly competent professionals and hire the company only to find out that the actual team you’re working with are far less professional and less competent.

What do you handle, and what do you expect us to handle?

The job description of a “construction management company” can be different depending on whom you talk to, so make sure that your expectations are in line with what they are offering from the very beginning. That way when something does come up (and in complex, multi faceted construction projects something will always come up), you have a clear process outlined for how it will be handled.

How do you manage schedules?

Perhaps the biggest complaint after a commercial construction project is that it was not completed in time. Your construction manager is in charge of scheduling and sequencing everything so it happens as quickly as possible and you can get your building done sooner. When you ask this question, make sure they give you a precise and specific answer and show examples of how they create and oversee scheduling.

What about cost controls?

Part of the job of a construction manager is to ensure that you get what you want, and that the builders and subcontractors keep everything in budget. If there are cost overruns—sometimes it happens and it can be out of your control—make sure you have an outline of the process for approval before anyone moves forward.

Construction managers can be a valuable addition to your team, and have the experience and expertise to keep everything running smoothly. Just make sure you hire the right one by asking the right questions in advance.