Self-Performed Work

Self Performed Work

As an essential part of “Building Strong” Hogan’s self performed crews save money, build faster and provide superior quality projects. Unlike most construction firms that broker almost all or 100 percent of the subcontracting trades, self performance enriches our depth of expertise and services. This brings an unmatched, strategic advantage to you than other construction firms can provide. Hogan can self perform up to forty percent of the total project scope, including the following specific trades:

  • Surveying and layout
  • Structural excavation, grading and fill
  • Utilities, piping and infrastructure
  • Cast in place concrete—form, place, finish
  • Pre cast concrete—fabrication & erection
  • Structural steel fabrication and erection
  • Miscellaneous metals installation
  • Wood Framing, rough & finish carpentry
  • Specialties installation
  • Selective demolition