“As our Construction Manager At Risk (CMAR), Hogan and their management team works closely with our architect to examine alternate materials, systems, and equipment for cost, quality and availability. We appreciate the teamwork and we know from their interactions and results that both are working in the hospital’s best interest. Hogan’s constructability reviews and value engineering suggestions have saved us time and money.”

Gerard D. Klein, Chief Executive Officer, Memorial Hospital of Swetwater County

“I have been in healthcare for close to 25 years and have been involved in a lot of construction projects, working with many contractors. With this experience, I have never worked with a better construction company than Hogan Construction. They have kept within budget and timelines that were set at the beginning of our projects. The quality of workmanship has been exceptional and they truly know healthcare construction and regulations. Our state inspections were nearly perfect and we were able to move into our new space very quickly.”

Charlie Button, Chief Executive Officer, Star Valley Medical Center