Hogan and Associates has worked with the City at the Historical Roundhouse―Section One, and the J.T. & Phyllis Patterson Visitor Center. Their work on these two projects has been both professional and proficient. Hogan’s attention to detail and sensitivity to the historical significance of the projects has resulted in high quality projects. I would recommend for your future and construction projects, especially those that involve historical rehabilitation and preservation.

Gary Bentley, Facilities Supervisor, City of Evanston (WY)

I have had the opportunity to work first hand with Hogan & Associates Construction on The Meridien Condominiums project, which involved the renovation of the Old VA Hospital completed in 1932. Hogan showed great ability and dedication in dealing with historic façade of the building including its adaptation to its current use as luxury residential condominiums. In maintaining the historic aspects of the building the Hogan team had to deal successfully with numerous complex structural and aesthetic issues including, among others, earthquake code compliance. In my experience, when you observe the work that was done by Hogan at the Meridien, it speaks louder than the words than any words that I could fashion.

Richard Sheinberg, JS Realty Holdings, LLC